B.A Lott Credit Advisory Firm
B.A Lott Credit Advisory Firm

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Professional Credit Improvement & Advisory

Late Payments

Debt Settlement

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       B.A. Lott is a bonded, CSO Licensed Texas Corporation located in the Dallas - Fort Worth Metroplex



We are one of few companies that is performance based, which guarrantees legitimate results - If we do not succeed, client does not pay.


B.A Lott Credit Advisory Firm provides an itemized estimate based solely on successes, if we fail to reach goal, any difference is not due or immediately refunded.  This model ensures best performance by our company and safety to  you.


We legally represent our clientele to alleged creditors, while also offering professional credit repair, credit couseling, debt sttlement with account deletions, and more in Dallas and the DFW Metroplex.


Our company's credit repair department successfully disputes, negotitates, and removes negative accounts, late payments, charge-offs, inquiries, alleged debts, collection acounts,liens, and judgements. B.A. Lott also helps clients gain new positive credit trade lines which creates higher credit scores and more opportunities when neccessary.


We increase credit scores and improve credit reports legally, ethically and rapidly.

As we strive to be your complete credit repair company in Dallas.

 B.A. Lott sends creditors and collection agencies a cease and desist mandate when requested - making it illegal for them to conatact you in any form or fashion.  We know it's important to know your rights when facing collection agencies.


Credit Repair, Debt Settlements, Consulting

Brent A. Lott, President

Brent A. Lott, President and Founder, initially learned by improving his own credit.


Brent discovered how to legally and ethically dispute alleged debts and negative credit information while improving his own credit score by 110 points in the first 30 days, then by 146 points within three months, after four months his score was improved by 182 points.  This is true credit maximization.  Yes, the reports are available.


Now, many friends and clients have enjoyed the freedom of great credit and professional representation through our exclusive processes throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Area.


These credit improvements were accomplised by a strategic plan, creative abilities, legal knowledge, effective negotiations, and successful disputes tactics.

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